Creating Comfortable Homes

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Adapting your home to prepare for hot days will help keep the indoors cooler for longer, and save you money in the long-run. The more that natural cooling is understood and taken advantage of, the more comfortable homes become, even when the temperature is pushing scorching hot conditions outside.  

We’ve got some techniques and tricks to consider to help keep your home cool when the heat is rising. Let’s take a look.


Although many consider insulation a home’s best friend in winter, it’s just as useful during the summer months. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep the home cool and provide year-round comfort. Insulation materials are used as barriers in walls, roofs and even floors to reduce the effects of hot and cold outdoor temperatures on our homes. If you’re building a new home, make sure you’re getting the best insulation possible for your budget. Not building anytime soon? Not to worry, older homes can also reap the rewards of insulation, just get it retrofitted and you’ll feel the difference in no time.

Thermal Mass

Thermal mass is a material’s ability to absorb or store energy. Certain materials have a high thermal mass, which means much like insulation, they are able to absorb the effects of outdoor temperatures and reduce the impact they have on the home. Brick walls, concrete flooring and tiles are all high in thermal mass, so in hot weather they help keep homes cool.


Australian windows are rated for thermal efficiency, so check the rating before you make the purchase. If you have the budget for it, double glazing on the glass helps keep the home extra cool. It’s also important to take the window frame into account, as certain materials provide more thermal protection than others.

Window Furnishings

Windows are the eyes of the home. When it’s too bright and warm out, it’s best to put some shades on to protect what’s inside. Your window coverings play a pretty big role in the temperature of your home, so consider blinds or curtains to keep the heat out. Blackout curtains are great for bedrooms because they’ll keep the sunlight from waking you. If you’re a morning person who likes to rise with the sun, you could opt for something lighter, but they may be less effective at keeping the heat out.

As well as these home cooling techniques, air conditioning is one of the most effective ways to maintain the most comfortable indoor climate and improve the air quality inside our homes. Determining what air conditioner is right for your home depends on how well these techniques boost its comfortability. Our comfort specialists can work through all of the factors with you to find the most efficient solution for your home and family.

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