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The Panasonic Specialist Air Network is here to give Australian families and businesses the best advice, products and service when it comes to heating and cooling your home and office. 

We like to think of ourselves as ‘comfort specialists’, because comfort is the perfect end result that we strive for. Keeping homes cooler in summer, and nice and warm when it turns cold, means Aussie families get to live and work in ultimate comfort.

The Panasonic Specialist Air Network is a team of specialist air conditioning technicians located across the country, so just about everyone can access this expert advice.

Our people are genuine experts when it comes to finding the best ways to heat and cool homes and offices. It doesn’t matter where you live, your climate, your priorities, your budget, or whether you need saving from the summer heat, or protection from the winter chills, our team can solve your comfort challenges.

We achieve this by delivering a combination of the highest quality knowledge, advice, installation skills and after-sales back up. Plus, we we have the confidence that comes from working with Panasonic comfort technologies.

Panasonic leads the way in innovation, quality and customer service (with the awards to prove it).

It’s our combination of expert people, specialist knowledge, quality products and skilled installation that makes us specialists in comfort.

When you’re ready to review the way you keep your home comfortable, contact the Panasonic Specialist Air Network and let our people deliver the best solutions for your home.

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