Breathe Pure and Clean Air

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Nanoe-G: For Advanced Air Purification

With many Australians suffering from asthma, allergies or hay fever, Panasonic has created a solution to deliver beautiful pure, clean air to your home. Our ECONAVI Reverse Cycle air conditioners are designed with a bring a revolutionary ability to enhance air quality with its unique air purification technology.

Panasonic’s nanoe-G system eliminates micro-organisms, removing up to 99% of particle pollution and airborne particles like mould, bacteria and viruses.

This technology is also able to catch and deactivate bacteria and viruses trapped inside the unit filter and on surfaces, delivering a healthier and cleaner home environment. It also deodorises adhesives.

Dry Air Be Gone

Having clean, cool environment shouldn’t have to come with dry, unpleasant air. That’s why Panasonic has designed the Mild Dry Cooling feature, able to maintain moisture in the air. This technology minimizes unpopular symptoms of harsh air conditioning, such as dry eyes, skin, mouth or throat. If you like to sleep with the added comfort of an air conditioner, this technology is perfect for you!

What’s more - it works even when the air conditioning is off!

If you’re not sure what system is right for you, simply call 1300 COMFORT (1300 266 3678) or send an enquiry below. You can also check out our Air Conditioner Buyer Guide.


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