Keep your cool in summer

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Australia’s a hot country, and while many of us love being out in the sun enjoying life, coming home to some relief from the heat is always a good thing.

In winter, we all want a warm and comfortable home, and in summer, we want to be able to reduce the heat, and relax in a cooler environment.

In a lot of places around Australia, winter can be very cold, and the summer scorching hot, so controlling the climate in homes and offices all year round can be challenging.

Meeting those challenges with solutions that work well requires some specialist air conditioning and product knowledge, and our team of AC experts give you exactly that.

When the need for an air conditioner is a necessity for most Australians in summer, finding the right solution is important. Extreme heat and humidity is not enjoyable and can make life exhausting, and even unhealthy.

The right air conditioning system can keep you all comfortable inside no matter how extreme it gets outdoors. Intelligent climate control will allow you to reduce the effects of high temperatures and humidity and reduce the impact on you and your family.

Determining what’s right for your home depends on a number of things, including the size of your home and its location, the layout of your living areas, and your habits as a family.


Interested in a cooling only system? Panasonic’s Cooling Only Inverter Air Conditioners have an outstanding temperature range, extremely quiet operation, and progressive energy efficiency, as well as the ability to purify and dehumidify the air.

Energy Efficiency

Introducing Panasonic's ECONAVI sensors and INVERTER technology - there has never been a more energy efficient option for your home. With smart technology that detects your movements, habits and sunlight, reducing your energy bill is now an automatic process.


Inspired by nature, our advanced Aerowings technology provides the ability for precise cooling in record time, or a luxurious shower cooling option for maximum comfort.

Reverse Cycle

Want flexibility with your system? You’ll want to go with a reverse cycle system, with the ability to both cool and heat.

Panasonic ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner will keep you comfortable all year long - with energy-saving technology and powerful nanoe-G purifying system, this air conditioning series is a fantastic all-rounder choice.

With Panasonics large range of products for every need, we understand it can be overwhelming. Chat to our comfort specialists to work through all the factors to create a climate control solution that is effective, efficient and perfect for you.

Get in touch with us today to explore your options, or head to our Air Conditioner Buyers Guide.

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