Perfect for eco-conscious families

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Panasonic’s ECONAVI sensors and INVERTER technology are perfect for eco-conscious families.

Designed to maximise energy efficiency while keeping your home comfortable all year long, this technology moderates your air conditioning temperature in accordance with your habits, room usage and available sunlight.

ECONAVI Intelligent Sensors recognize unintentional energy wastage using its Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor. By supervising human location, movements, absence and sunlight exposure, the system can immediately adjust power levels to optimize energy use and keep you comfortable day and night.

Opportunities where energy can be saved:

  1. Cooling or heating an empty room
  2. Cooling or heating at a high setting when the rooms occupants are not moving
  3. Cooling or heating room zones where there are fewer people
  4. Cooling or heating at a high setting at night

ECONAVI Eliminates this unnecessary energy waste with the following initiatives:

Detecting Absence

Once you leave the room, cooling and heating is reduced.

Detecting Sunlight

Whether it’s sunny, overcast, day or night, this technology automatically modifies cooling and heating according to sunlight intensity.

Temperature Wave

With an understanding of internal physiology and using a rhythmic temperature-controlled pattern, energy use is minimised without without reducing comfort.

Area Detection

This smart technology is able to detect where you are and direct air flow in that direction, minimising energy loss to unoccupied areas.

Activity Detection

This technology can sense when you are less active, and adjusts heating and cooling accordingly based on your daily habits.

Design for Sustainability

Panasonic is passionate about sustainability initiatives. As part of this direction, Panasonic INVERTER was designed with a more ozone friendly refrigerant, perfect for air conditioning and resulting in less energy usage.

Precise Temperature Control

Traditional non-inverter air conditioners are designed to operate at a set speed which cannot be maintained long term due to it’s high power. As a result, the unit will continually switch on and off to maintain the desired temperature. This can lead to temperature fluctuations and wasteful energy use.

Panasonic’s Inverter air conditioner is designed to vary the compressor rotation speed, providing Precise Temperature Control and maintenance of a steady temperature. This results in exceptional energy performance, optimal cooling, optimal operations and energy savings, without sacrificing the comfort you expect from a Panasonic Air Conditioner.
The wide output capabilities of this technology ensure it can meet many different occupancy levels, delivering steady comfort.

As an international leader in air conditioning solutions with six successful decades in the industry, teh Panasonc range is creating more comfortable homes in over 120 countries around the world. This success and longevity is owed to immense investment in reliability and operational testing, so you can trust a Panasonic product to deliver benefits for many years to come. This unique temperature-control technology will always be there to make your home a comfortable and welcoming place.

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