Air Conditioner Buying Guide – Part 1

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Finding the perfect air conditioning solution for your home or business shouldn’t be a challenging task! Panasonic has a comprehensive range of flexible options to suit any needs, and our comfort experts are here to help make the process simple and stress-free.

We’ve also created this guide to help you ask the right questions, and find the ideal product for you.

Whether you’re after a cooling, reverse cycle, room-only or a ducted system solution, Panasonic has an option to fit any style, budget and priority.

Panasonic’s intelligent air conditioning technologies ensure maximum energy efficiency, pure air quality and precise temperature control, plus they are designed to work with your home’s natural air flow and temperature range to create the perfect climate.

When buying a Panasonic product, you can be assured your home or business is comfortable, cosy or cool all year long.

Before selecting your model, consider the following:

Do you need a reverse cycle, or cooling-only?

Consider your climate, as well as any heating capabilities that already exist in your home. Tropical climates that rarely experience cool temperatures, or or homes with gas heating already in place, are better suited to cooling-only units.

On the other hand, reverse-cycle units that offer both warming and cooling functionalities are ideal for homes that experience a changing climate throughout the year. If your home needs some assistance staying comfortable in both summer and winter, choose the flexible reverse-cycling option.

What is the size of the room?

If you know what room/s you’d like to install the air conditioning unit in, consider the ceiling height and floor area to establish the capacity you’ll need.

The smaller the room, the less capacity the air conditioning unit will need to do the job quickly and effectively. However, if the capacity is too small for the room, the unit will not be as energy efficient. Check ou the Panasonic Air Conditioning Sizing Wizard to help you determine what size air conditioner you need.

What about insulation?

Do you have insulation in your ceiling or walls? Insulation prevents heat transfer through the walls or roof, improving the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. An insulated room will naturally hold heat in winter and keep cool in summer, reducing your reliance on air conditioning, while rooms without insulation will need an air conditioner with greater capacity.

How big are your windows and what direction do they face?

Once you have the room size measurements, be sure to note down the height and width of your windows too.

The size of your windows and the direction they face contribute greatly to the heat in a room. Consider their size, position (i.e. west facing, direct afternoon sun or east facing, direct morning sun, etc.) as well as the curtains and blinds. Heavy curtains can prevent the heating/cooling from being lost, so taking this into account will help you determine the air conditioner that is right for you.

Is noise reduction a priority for you?

Luckily, Panasonic air conditioners are among the quietest on the market, but if noise reduction is particularly important to you, be sure to take note of the noise level rating.

What is iAUTO-X technology?

Panasonic iAUTO-X technology and Aerowings blades offer 15% faster cooling, for when you need a room to cool down quickly and then maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. Thanks to a new compressor and fan design, these units provide a pleasant ‘Shower Cooling’ effect, which reduces direct airflow chill for maximum comfort.

Watch the video here: iAUTO-X and AEROWINGS cool faster and smarter.

What about Energy Efficiency?

The Energy Efficient Rating was designed to give consumers like you an independant and standardised measure of energy efficiency on an easy-to-read label to compare products.

The Energy Rating Label has two main components: The star rating gives you an immediate overview of the model’s energy efficiency – the more stars, the better! The number (often in kilowatt hours kW/year) will give an estimate of the annual energy consumption you can expect for the appliance, calculated from Australian household averages. The lower the number, the lower the energy consumption and the cheaper it will be to run.

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What is ECONAVI technology?

The intelligent ECONAVI technology is ideal for eco-conscious people who’d like to reduce energy wastage.

The Human Activity and Sunlight Sensors pick up human location, movements, absence and sunlight intensity in order to reduce wasted energy. This technology will then adjust power output automatically, while ensuring ultimate comfort is seamlessly maintained.

Watch the video here: ECONAVI intelligent sensor technology.

Air conditioner unit location – indoor and outdoor

An air conditioner unit has both an indoor and outdoor component that you will need to consider.

As the indoor unit will be a visible feature of you home, ensure the aesthetic will complement your home design.

The outdoor unit will require plenty of room so the air can pass freely through it, which is important to consider if you live in in an apartment or high density area.
Make sure you check out your local city council installation guidelines, as you may need  approval before installation.

Who will install my air conditioner?

For professional, safe results and piece of mind, find your nearest Panasonic air conditioning specialist, simply call 1300 COMFORT (1300 266 3678). Using a licensed installer will ensure that your warranty will cover faults caused during installation.

Continue to Part 2 to determine the ideal Panasonic air conditioning system for your unique needs.

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