Fast Cooling and Ultimate Comfort with iAUTO-X and AEROWINGS

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Extreme Australian summers need air conditioning technology with the ability to quickly cool down a room, and then deliver a comfortable, steady temperature.

With Panasonic new iAUTO-X technology and Aerowings blades, this has never been easier.

Providing instant relief, these initiatives deliver fast cooling capabilities and greater comfort levels.

Get Instant Relief | Direct Airflow

Fast cooling is now more achievable than ever. From the moment you switch on your air conditioner, twin blades work together to direct airflow down, providing cool, concentrated air where you need it most. Panasonic iAUTO-X technology will also detect the temperature difference between the room and the desired temperature, automatically adjusting fan speed from very high to low depending on your needs.

Shower Cooling | Indirect Airflow

Panasonic Aerowings provide a luxurious experience in cooling. Experience the sensation of cool air gently washing over you, without the risk of chills or unpleasant drafts. Once the desired temperature is reached, the Aerowings will adjust the flow upwards to distribute this cool air steadily throughout the room for ongoing comfort. At the same time, hot air is drawn into the unit to encourage effective cooling of the whole area in a short amount of time.

How iAUTO-X and Aerowings Deliver Ultimate Comfort

Panasonic’s latest range of air conditioners feature a super-high fan speed and wide intake grille, to facilitate faster cooling and a higher air volume capacity. iAUTO-X automatic functions ensure the unique requirements of the room are met, measuring the temperature difference in the room to automatically switch the fan speed from low to very high. Overcooling is now a thing of the past!


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