10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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As the weather changes, so do our lifestyles, and therefore so should our homes. It’s important to get winter-ready so that your home and your family can stay comfortable and warm when the cold weather arrives.

To make your home as inviting and warm as possible, we’ve got 10 tips to help you prepare for the cold. Let’s get cosy.

Prepare the gutters

After the leaves fall in autumn, many gutters become blocked. It’s important to clear them out before the heavy rains set in as they can become clogged and cause household leaks.

Check for leaks

Speaking of leaks, if you do notice any in your home already, it’s best to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent the loss of heat. Check windows and doors for gaps and damaged seals, and fix accordingly.

Cover the windows  

If your windows are bare there’s a big chance that the cool air from outside will make its way in and the heat in your home will escape. Keep the warmth in and the cold out by dressing your windows in some insulated curtains. It’s an energy efficient way to get the most of your heating solution.

Layer up

Decorate your home with some colourful and cosy layers. Cushions, blankets and throws can make a big difference to the look and comfort of living spaces in winter. Plus, it’s always good to have something cosy nearby when you want to snuggle up on the couch.  

Change the bedding

There’s nothing better at the end of a cool day than getting into a warm bed. Think flannelette sheets, extra blankets, cosy doonas, and throws.

Organise your wardrobe

It’s time to re-organise your wardrobe so that your winter warmers are front and centre. Put away the summer clothing you won’t be using, and while you’re tidying up and reordering, check if there are any old winter clothes you can spare to donate.

Cover hard floors

Tiles, polished concrete, and hardwood floors are all great options when it comes to hygienic and easy-to-clean flooring, but they can be cold to walk on, especially in winter. Add a rug to living spaces and bedrooms to help them retain heat and keep them as cosy and comfortable as possible.

Service your hot water system

Hot water system breakdowns in winter can be very uncomfortable. It’s a good idea to have them serviced every few years to keep them in top shape. If it’s been a while since the last service, consider having the temperature and valves checked.

Service your air conditioner

It’s important to regularly clean or replace air conditioner filters to help units run at their optimum capacity. If you have a reverse cycle air conditioner, have it cleaned and serviced before winter so it can keep your home as warm as possible, efficiently.

Assess your heating system

Is your heating system outdated, inefficient or inadequate? Old heaters can be expensive to run and often don’t do a very good job at keeping your home warm. Reverse cycle air conditioners are very economical, so if it’s time for a heating system upgrade, consider the best options available.

Once your home is prepped and ready for winter, all that’s left to do is look forward to the cosy nights in with your family.

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