Why Panasonic Air Conditioning?

  • Panasonic Leads The Way

Panasonic is the international leader in air conditioning and can provide solutions for homes and businesses alike. Take a look at some of the reasons why Panasonic continues to be the first choice for people around the world. You can trust Panasonic to keep you fresh and cool in summer, and cosy in winter.

60 Years of Air Conditioning Experience

From the launch of Panasonic's very first air conditioner in 1958, to the wide array of internationally recognised products today, Panasonic has remained a leader in the industry. Thanks to unrivaled standards and continual innovation, Panasonic is a household name with a reputation for quality.

Panasonic is proud of it’s continually evolving technology backed by superior experience in achieving ultimate comfort in homes and commercial buildings.

Wide Ranging Air Solutions

Panasonic offers over 300 different products, covering all bases of air conditioning and more, perfect for small family homes to mass commercial spaces.

Panasonic has a commitment to delivering fully customisable comfort solutions for every customer need.

Outstanding Features

Panasonic air conditioning solutions are engineered with the highest level of features and specifications that enhance the lives of customers.

This industry leading innovation delivers the ultimate in comfort, energy efficiency and simplicity.

Smart Technology

Panasonic offers a range of connectivity, control and management solutions to meet all of your home and business needs. Some of these solutions include home automation, Smart Cloud solution, WLAN control, along with customisable commercial applications.

Unrivaled Reliability and Quality

Panasonic creates products that can be enjoyed for years to come in the most extreme of climates, and continues to lead the market with superior engineering and unwavering standards.

Panasonic does not compromise on product quality, safety, durability and reliability in order to provide continual cooling or heating when you need it most.

Where to buy Panasonic

So you’re ready to find your ideal air conditioning solution? Chat to one of our comfort experts at Panasonic Specialist Air Network today, who will help you with selecting your perfect model, as well as assist with planning and installation. You can also check out our Air Conditioner Buyers Guide.

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