Stay warm and cosy

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Your home is your haven, the place that gives your family safety and comfort and shelter from the elements. Achieving the right climate in your home is a key part of that, and there’s nothing like keeping your sanctuary warm and cosy in winter.

Comfort aside, cold indoor temperatures can actually be unhealthy for us all, and especially babies, young children and the elderly.

Maintaining a comfortable and healthy level of warmth in your home and office as winter sets in is really important, as is maintaining the high quality of the air you breathe, while your home is closed up against the cold weather.

It pays to be informed, and having your home assessed for the best air conditioning and climate control solutions is recommended.

That’s where our specialists come in. Talk to our comfort experts about your home, your family, and your priorities. Our people will give you great advice and develop solutions based on their exceptional understanding of air conditioning and air quality in homes.

We understand that cold air creates moisture, and moisture condenses indoors, which can lead to dampness, mould, and other allergens. These factors can drastically affect the health of families and employees.  

The heating solutions we develop for homes and workplaces are always energy efficient, and we can help you keep your technologies clean to ensure they maintain good air quality while creating a comfortable environment.

When dealing with the Panasonic Specialist Air Network and products, you can rest easy knowing our systems are rated five stars in almost every category.

Panasonic Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner 

You can beat that winter chill while minimising your energy bill by ditching your portable heater in favour of a quiet and cost-effective Panasonic Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.

Research by Sustainability Victoria confirmed a reverse cycle wall split system air conditioner is the most energy-efficient option, with statistics showing 72% less cost expended when compared to portable plug-in heater. At an annual cost of just $230, you can’t go wrong!

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is also an energy efficient option, with research showing it leads to reduced yearly costs when compared to its electric in-slab heating equivalent. The additional benefit with ducted air conditioning is that you can choose to heat entire zones of your homes at once, to quickly create a cosy and inviting home.

Contact us today and talk to our comfort experts for that lovely warm feeling. If you’d like to research the best products for your needs, check out our Air Conditioner Buyers Guide.

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