Common misconceptions about air conditioners

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Technological advancements have made traditional airconditioning units a lot more appealing to consumers. We’ve put together our list of common misconceptions when it comes to air conditioning and how today’s air conditioners are stylish, quieter and more energy-efficient than ever before. 

Air conditioners can’t be energy efficient 

When it comes to installing a brand new air conditioner, the main concern in most families will be the increased cost to their electricity bill. Panasonic’s ECONAVI sensors and INVERTER technology are perfect for eco-conscious families.

Designed to maximise energy efficiency while keeping your home comfortable all year long, this technology moderates your air conditioning temperature following your habits, room usage and available sunlight.

ECONAVI Intelligent Sensors recognize unintentional energy wastage using its Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor. By supervising human location, movements, absence and sunlight exposure, the system can immediately adjust power levels to optimize energy use and keep you comfortable day and night.

Air conditioners are ugly 

Air conditioning units aren’t known for their striking design or aesthetic appeal, but that doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore. Panasonic is known for its sleek design that will integrate perfectly into any modern home. 

However, if you are still worried about the look of your new air conditioner try opting for ducted air conditioning, as the indoor unit is concealed within the ceiling or under the floor. Flexible ducting will distribute the air the vents throughout the home. 

Air conditioners are noisy

The days of window rattlers are behind us with today’s split systems put the loudest part of the unit outside the home so that you don’t have to choose between a cool home or quiet one. It's essential to ensure Indoor sound levels are at a minimum during night-time operations, as you don't want to be kept awake, while outdoor unit sound levels should also be controlled to ensure minimal impact to the neighbours.

If for some reason your air conditioner is louder than usual it could likely be due to clogged filters or heat exchanger coils. To avoid this, we recommend having your air conditioner professionally serviced once a year, especially in the lead up to summer.

Air conditioners are only for summer 

As air conditioners have evolved, so have their many modes and features. Today's air conditions are the perfect solution all year round as they feature effective heating too. 

Air filters don’t matter

An air filter is like a sieve. Letting the air through, while trapping the dirt and dust particles. Over time the air filter accumulates dirt, and the unit will work harder to draw in clean air and keep your house cool. Cleaning or replacing the filter media as often as recommended can reduce wasted energy.

Spending to much time in air-conditioned rooms will make you sick

Well to put it simply, this isn't true. People used to believe you could catch a cold when exposed to low temperatures, but colds are caused by viruses, not temperature. However, accumulation of dust and mould in filters or vents can trigger allergic symptoms - which can be avoided with regular cleaning. 

If you have any more questions about air conditioning misconceptions, chat to one of our comfort experts at Panasonic Specialist Air Network (1300 266 367) or head to our Air Conditioner Buying Guide to discover the best option for you.

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