How do I clean my air conditioner?

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If your air conditioner seems to be working overtime to cool or heat your home, you could be overdue for a clean or service.

While many air conditioners today come with self-cleaning functions, these can’t replace a good manual clean.

Not cleaning your air conditioner regularly can lead to reduced airflow and air quality, bad odour and slow heating or cooling abilities.

It’s also thought that a dirty air conditioner can increase your energy use by up to 30 percent! Not only will dirty air filters increase your electricity bill, you'll also accumulate dust and other particles in the room (hello allergies and congestion).

Maintaining your Panasonic air conditioner properly will ensure you have a constant flow of clean, fresh air, and you won’t need to work your unit so hard. Try to make it a regular part of your cleaning routine with these simple steps.

How to clean your indoor air conditioning system

Give your unit a once over

Start off by wiping down your unit carefully with a soft and dry cloth to remove dust and buildup. Don’t use polishing liquid or water over 40˚C with your unit.

Wash the front panel

Gently wash the front panel with warm water (must be below 40˚C) and a sponge. Take care not to press the panel too hard, as this can damage the unit. If you’d like to use soap, use a small amount of neutral detergent and make sure you rinse any residue thoroughly. This front panel should not be dried under direct sun.

Clean the purifying filter

Remove dirt using a vacuum cleaner, and clean your Solar Refreshing Deodorising Filter every 6 months. This filter acts as a deodoriser, and should be cleaned with a vacuum and placed under the sun for a total of 6 hours before it is reinstalled. Replace this filter every 3 years.

Clean the air filter

Again, remove buildup with a vacuum cleaner. You should also rinse this filter with water, but don’t use a cloth as this can damage the filtering mechanism. Allow to dry completely before fitting it back into the unit.

If the air conditioner is running in a very dusty area, clean this air filter every 2 weeks.

Refer to your owner’s manual for unit specific parts overview and recommendations. Never use harch chemicals or abrasives like use benzene, thinner or scouring powder.

Further tips

Professional air conditioner cleaning

It is recommended that you invest in a seasonal clean from an authorised dealer alongside your regular cleaning, to ensure your air conditioner remains in great condition, reducing risk of odour, pollution and energy inefficiencies.

Don’t short cycle your cooling system

In order to prolong the life of your cooling unit, avoid switching it off and on immediately (wait at least 10 minutes). This allows your air conditioner’s refrigeration system to equalise.

Your warranty does not cover neglect

Panasonic air conditioning units are protected by warranty, however, it is important to remember that this will not cover damage caused by misuse or neglect.

This is why it’s important to take care of your unit and give it a quick clean at regular intervals.

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