How to know it's time for an air conditioning service

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Living in Australia, where the temperature can be extreme, it’s not unusual for many households and offices to run their air conditioning all day. The more a unit is used, the more regularly it will need to be serviced. Maintaining your air conditioner properly will ensure it remains in good working order for years to come, keeping you comfortable when you need it.

To keep your air conditioner in ultimate working order, pay attention to these signs that your unit needs repairs or service.

It takes a long time to cool down/heat up a room

You may begin to notice that your air conditioning system doesn’t seem to pumping out as much air, or it's taking a longer than usual to cool down or warm up your home. This could be a simple matter of giving your unit a good clean and clearing the filters.

After giving your air conditioning unit a careful clean, you might find it returns to its fullest capacity. If not, this could be a sign that there are more issues going on with the internal mechanisms and it might be time to get your air conditioner serviced.


Moisture around your air conditioning unit can be a cause for concern, and may indicate a leaking refrigerant. If you notice excessive moisture, droplets or puddles, contact your nearest technician as soon as possible. Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, so you should always leave this to the professionals who will be able to locate the source of the issue quickly, as well as find the most cost-effective solution.

Abnormal sounds

If you notice strange noises coming out of your air conditioner, such as rattling, bubbling, squeaking, hissing or grinding, take notice. Not only are they irritating, they could indicate something is wrong and more damage may occur with repeated use.

Strange smells

Your air con units should not give off a smell - in fact, they should be purifying your air and reducing moisture that leads to odour. If you notice an odd smell (particularly a burning smell), make sure you turn your air conditioner off immediately and contact a licensed technician to get it professionally serviced. While it’s a rare occurrence, smells can be the first sign of a fire risk.

Large energy bills

With all the modern technology available today, there’s no reason for sky-high energy bills - particularly if you’ve invested in a Panasonic ECONAVI system.

A well-maintained air conditioner is an energy-efficient air conditioner, so getting yourscleaned or serviced can be a quick way to reduce your electricity bills.

Remember that prevention is always better than a cure, so scheduling regular air conditioning services is a great way to ensure your split system, reverse cycle, outdoor unit or ducted system remain healthy in the long run.

Speak to a technician

General cleaning aside, services should only be conducted by a licensed service technician, and you should neber attempt any electrical work yourself. Panasonic air conditioners are backed by a full 5 year parts and labour warranty for commercial and residential units, providing no malfunctions result from misuse by the customer. Not only is it safer to leave it to the professionals, you don’t risk forfeiting your warranty.

The Panasonic Specialist Air Network is a team of specialist air conditioning technicians located across the country, and can help clean and service your air conditioner units, recommend new parts or replacements, keep you informed on how to use your technology effectively, conduct system installation as well as ensure total safety and security.

Call 1300 COMFORT (1300 266 3678) to find your nearest air conditioning specialist.

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