Control Your Air Conditioner Anytime, Anywhere.

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The new Panasonic WLAN Smart Adaptor & Comfort Cloud App is here to transform the way you manage the climate and energy use in your home, office or properties.

Now you can control your Panasonic air conditioning units from anywhere in the world with the press of a button.

Want to ensure a deliciously cool home is waiting for you after work? Trying to stop the kids from blasting the air conditioning while you’re away? Looking to reduce costs across your offices? No problem.

Perfect for Families

If desired, multiple people in a home can be granted access with different levels of control. For instance, you can allow your children to manage their own room

If you’ve left the home in a rush you can relax knowing you have the power to turn the system off remotely, and pre-cool or pre-warm so that your family arrives to a pleasant home.

Manage Multiple Properties

One owner can now control multiple properties and multi-tenant properties, with up to a total of 200 units across 10 locations!

This is perfect for analysing various homes or sites and maintain desirable energy use, while ensuring simpler maintenance thanks to error code notifications.

Smart Office Management

Owners of small to medium sized businesses can now manage office climate easily. You can allocate access to staff members whilst remaining on top of where costs can be saved.

Smarter Energy Consumption

Analyse your energy use and improve the efficiency of your home, office or properties.

Having an overview of the energy your units use is important in identifying possible areas to save money on your energy bill. The Panasonic Comfort Cloud features the energy consumption* of each unit, which you can view in an easy to read graph.

From here (using the weekly timer capabilities) you can optimise your units to save energy.

Control Your Air the Smart Way

The Panasonic Comfort Cloud App is built for a wide array of indoor air control functions with an intuitive interface and easy to use navigation. On/off control, mode operation, fan speed, airflow direction and room temperature is all in the palm of your hands.

With weekly timer options you can plan for seasonal needs, allowing you to reduce energy costs during times when the home or office is unoccupied.

Functions managed through the app include:

  • Turn all units on/off at once - with just a simple click, users can alter multiple units.
  • Weekly timer control (up to 42 events per week, quickly and intuitively).
  • Pre-cool or heat - Make sure your home or office is at a perfect temperature before you even walk through the door.
  • Error codes - be notified immediately of any issues on your device.

Download Now

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can now monitor and manage their air conditioning use with ease.

Setting it up is simple - head to  the Apple Store or Google Play Store, register, and follow the prompts to get started.

* Estimates depends on power supply quality.

Take a look at the full T&C’s.

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