Keeping Warm with Air Conditioning

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We’re heading into the cooler months of the year and that means it’s the perfect time to evaluate your home heating system and prepare for the winter ahead. When it’s cold outside there’s no better comfort than a warm and cosy home.

Heating your home can be expensive if you don’t have an efficient heating system installed. Old air conditioning units and heaters can be expensive to run and can provide uneven heating to your home. Having a reliable climate control unit in your home will keep it comfortable all year round, and reverse cycle air conditioners are the most energy and cost efficient heating systems.  

Whether you’re building a new home or are looking into upgrading your current home heating system, Panasonic has split system and ducted air conditioners to keep you warm, keep the energy costs down, and maintain the highest air quality. You just have to determine which system works best for your home, lifestyle, and family.

Split Systems

Split system air conditioners allow users to optimise the heating to suit their own comfort from room to room, which can prove to be incredibly convenient if the people in your home prefer different temperatures and levels of heating. They’re also the easiest system to install in new homes, and they’re energy and cost efficient.

Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioning can provide heating to your entire home by delivering warm air throughout via the ducts or vents in the rooms of your house. But to allow for even more energy and cost efficiency, ducted air conditioning systems can be zoned so that only rooms that are in use receive the heating. This is the best way to keep energy bills down, especially in large homes.

Warming Tips

Looking for other ways to reduce the cost of heating this winter while keeping your home warm? Keep the warmth in by closing the doors to rooms that aren’t being used, and therefore don’t need heating, and by closing the blinds and curtains. Shut off the heating system when you’re not home, and when you go to sleep to avoid wasting energy. You should also ensure your home is adequately insulated to keep the cold out, and regularly have your air conditioning unit serviced so it performs optimally.

Having an air conditioner makes life more comfortable whether it’s for heating or cooling, and having the one system for both is the most efficient solution. Our comfort specialist can help you find the right air conditioning system for your home and family. Get in touch on 1300 COMFORT.

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